About us

Piply – The Woman & The Brand 

Handmade, indigenous, empowering and distinctive, these values make up Piply the brand and the woman. We like to call our style of fashioning clothes, desi debonair. Here at Piply we resonate deeply (yes, we are poets too) with the belief that individual style isn’t about aping trends off the runway or the interweb, but about gaining perspective about who one is, where one belongs to and what makes one stand apart from the crowd.

Rooted in the nostalgia of our childhood, spent in the beautiful valleys of the North-East of India. The colours, the textures and the stories of the region, speak of our aesthetic values. Growing up we watched in awe as our mum created magic while painting Mekhla Chadors or creating simple/fresh new outfits for us. We aspire to bring that kind magic to you, by creating an outfit, which is uniquely yours, with the cleanest cuts and shapes. Each collection would consist of around 11 designs with not more than 5/6 piece each, making sure the exclusivity of the collection remains intact. At Piply, we want to create styles and designs that are an amalgamation of comfort wear with designer values. We want to make something that makes you feel empowered and beautiful, knowing the amount of love that has gone into perfecting that particular outfit.  

We realize that working women want a break from the mundane fifty shades of grey, so we bring you colour. We recognize that Salwaar Kurta is not the only outfit that can be made from Indian fabrics, so we bring you western silhouettes in native fabrics. Though we are still in our nascent stage we want to reach out to more people and plan to add creative collections for men as well (Clothes for Bros!!). We sense a revolution in the way people like to dress up today, they are making more conscious choices. Hence we bring you uniquely crafted fashion conscious clothing.